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About Cryptocurrencies



Exchanges - One of the easiest ways to buy cryptocurrencies is from an exchange. There are many exchanges worldwide, some of which may be located in (and offer support for) your particular country or region. Once you have deposited fiat money, you can use it to buy Bitcoin which is the most common trading pair for other cryptocurrencies.

Some popular exchanges are:

Binance - Global Cryptocurrency Exchange


(zeroconfs does not endorse or otherwise accept responsibility for any purchases made from these exchanges)

Always check that the exchange site you are on is the official website and you are not on a scam phishing site. One way of checking is to look for the secure 'https' and not an unsecure 'http' website address. The safest way is to type in the website address yourself and not click on any links, even on Google search results. You should always turn on 2FA (2 factor authentication) for your exchange accounts for added security.

Cryptocurrency ATMs - There are a number of crypto ATMs appearing around the globe and these conveniently allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies using your credit/debit card or cash. Be aware that these ATMs may charge higher transaction fees and offer weaker exchange rates than other buying methods.



Make sure you NEVER send your private keys to anyone EVER. DO NOT keep large amounts of cryptocurrency on exchanges. Hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano or Trezor are more secure ways of storing cryptocurrencies and are highly recommended. Another secure way of keeping cryptocurrencies is by storing them on an old mobile phone which is kept offline.

Ledger Nano X

For best practices, and to ensure your privacy, use a NEW receiving address each time you receive cryptocurrency. If you re-use old receiving addresses, you may be jeopardizing your privacy by allowing public viewing of your funds at those addresses (similar to disclosing your bank account balance).

Due to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices, it is wise to invest only what you can afford to lose. It's also diligent to do your own research while keeping an open mind. Copious research is key, making sure you read plenty of whitepapers and legitimate articles, to gain enough knowledge so that you avoid following the crowd (who are often paid shills to generate public interest in specific coins to artificially raise prices). Many crypto projects do not deliver what they promise and are only interested in monetary gain. However, investing in teams and projects that are active and transparent is always exciting when there are regular developments in the blockchain space. Remember to secure your private keys, do lots of open-minded research, and most of all, make sure you enjoy the world of crypto!