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We believe in the idea of sound, stable money; a global system which is resilient, trusted, and can be used as digital cash.

After testing a few different cryptocurrencies as merchant payment methods, we were disappointed that they were either too slow to process, had relatively high transaction costs, or not practical to use on a day-to-day basis. Only one cryptocurrency stood out with super fast transfers and low transaction fees - Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.Bitcoin SV ZeroconfsAfter much more research and daily use, we learned that, unlike other cryptocurrencies that require multiple block confirmations for funds to become available, Bitcoin SV doesn't require any. We were sending micro-transactions at nearly zero cost and they were transferring almost instantly! This technology in Bitcoin SV that allows fast and cheap peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with negligible risk is possible because Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin which follows Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin whitepaper.

For superfast, cheap, and reliable Bitcoin transactions, we recommend using HandCash Wallet. Simple to use, you only need to register a $handle to send and receive transactions. A $handle is like a username which acts as your "account", which is much easier to share and remember than using long complicated public receiving addresses (which can be copied incorrectly and are difficult to remember). Try it with your friends, you can even send tiny amounts instantly and virtually for free! A word of warning; it's great fun and highly addictive!



As a result, our brand was born from the fact that there are zero block confirmations required to safely and instantly transfer Bitcoin SV. These zero confirmation transactions (0-conf) are convenient, safe, and instant; perfect for the global digital currency envisioned by Bitcoin's creator a decade ago. Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain (timechain was the actual term mentioned by Satoshi), which follows the original Bitcoin protocol.

Once we realized that Bitcoin SV offered a better user experience, cheaper transaction costs, and a safer level of security, we decided to support Bitcoin SV and offer 25% discount on all BSV payments made in our store.



If you have mined cryptocurrencies before, you will notice that our font branding colors are the same as cryptocurrency mining software. We started out mining cryptocurrencies and our logo branding pays homage to those happy days of finding blocks.

Mining Cryptocurrencies Zeroconfs

Our font type is a respectful nod to text-based programming languages. The grey cube in our logo represents an unconfirmed block about to be included into the blockchain of confirmed colored cubes.


All orders are shipped internationally from our warehouses in the U.S. or Europe, depending on stock availability and your location.